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There are a large variety of valves and valve configurations to suit all services and conditions.

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About us

Eicmation has been committed to the development, production and trade of complete automatic control valves, and we are also the pioneers and leaders of valve pneumatic actuator technology. With the expansion of the industry and the expansion of sales in various industries, Eicmation  continues to make inroads into the industrial automation sector, and cooperates with world-renowned brands to greatly expand and perfect it's product line.  Eicmation has gradually developed into a system integrator in the fluid control industry. In 2017,  Aisenberg GmbH (Located in Cologne, Germany, mainly engaged in the sales of high-end valves and process industry products) acquired the shares of Eicmation.  After the acquisition, Eicmation brand will maintain independent operation and its product system,will still keep the same product system and development model.

During 40 years of development, Eicmation has continuously optimized its quality system. The company has obtained ISO9001/ISO14001 and CE certifications from the European Standards Technical Committe. High-end production technology and strict quality control system ensure the reliability of the products and compliance with relevant international standards.