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About us

2002: In 2002 Eicamtion has entered the Chinese market through an agency sales model, and the quality of its products has been continuously recognized by Chinese industrial customers.

2012: Although we stumbled, ,we have grown up healthily,after ten years of hard work, Eicmation established a wholly foreign-owned company in Shanghai in 2012: EIC (Shanghai) Pipeline Control System Co.,ltd, whose business basically realized full coverage of important areas such as "oil and gas","mettallurgy","chmical industry","environmental protection","gas industry","industry automation",etc. In the highly demanding CNG field (high pressure comressed natural gas),the high-pressure valves of Eicmation 400 series even account for 70% of the  Chinese market.

2014-2016: For more sophisticated market management and more convenient services, by 2020, we have set up two branches and five offices in China: Jiangsu company (established in 2017, Southern District Headquarters)、Tanjin Company (Northern District Headquarters), Northwest office、Jinan Office, Chengdu Office, Shenzhen Office. The layout of Eicmation in China is basically completed, and our contact with customers is faster and closer.

2017:In order to reduce product costs and increase delivery speed and capacity, Eicmation established a wholly owned factory in Jiangsu in 2017: Eic (Jiangsu) Piping Control Systems Co., Ltd. According to the technical specifications and management requirements of Eicmation, the Jiangsu factory realized the domestic production of some low pressure products. Therefore, the high-temperature/high-pressure products of Eicmation are fully imported or have an imported core product, which is assembled in China. In addition, some of the products from our Jiangsu plant are also exported to Europe, in accordance with Eicmation' s European management philosophy and inspection standards.

2020: Since 2015,our domenstic sales have increased by more than 30% annually.With the development of Eicmation ,the existing factories can not meet our development needs.For this reason,Eicmations's foreign patent company has invested 8 million US dollars in Yancheng,Jiangsu province as headquarters in Asia,which covers an area of 30 acres,the modern new plant is expected to be completed and put into use in early 2022.