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Stable growth of Chinese valve castings into the largest market in the world
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In recent years, China's valve casting industry has entered a period of rapid development. It has now become one of the largest valve casting processing centers in Asia and one of the largest valve casting markets in the world, especially after the rise of power station valves, chemical valves, Valve building materials, and food valves. Due to its broad development prospects and attractive market profits, it has now become a hot spot for many companies to strive for investment.

At present, there are about 6,000 valve enterprises in China, of which 900 have an annual output value of more than 5 million yuan. There are 3 domestically listed valve companies, namely China Nuclear Technology, Hongcheng Shares, and Guangdong Pearl. Last year, CNR's main business revenue was 235 million yuan, Hongcheng's main business revenue was 146 million yuan, and Guangdong Pearl's main business revenue was 150 million yuan. Although the prospects are broad, the current per capita consumption level of Valve castings in China is not high in the world, only 22 US dollars per capita, which belongs to the starting stage. The Secretary-General of the International Model Association, Luobaihui, pointed out that although there are many constraints on the development of Valve products in China, the future market prospects for the valve industry in China are very broad. Valve castings industry belongs to the Chaoyang industry and has now become a basic material industry that is in line with steel, molds, cement, wood and other industries. Domestic entrepreneurs and investors with vision invest in the valve castings industry. I believe that it will be smooth and profitable.

During the economic crisis, the valve market in Asia has maintained steady growth, especially in China. The development of the valve market still has strong momentum. By 2015, China's valve market will be 10 % larger than that of the United States and four times larger than that of Japan. Buyers will buy $2.4 billion worth of valves. By 2015, three of the top 10 buyers and six of the top 20 will be in Asia.

Exploring the reasons for this can be summarized as follows:

1) Benefiting from the support of national policies. With the gradual advancement of the national policy of accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, the development of the general basic manufacturing industry will receive further key support.

 2the strong demand of Valve product market. The steady development of the state-owned economy and the gradual expansion of investment in fixed assets require a large number of Valve products. In addition, China is facing the arrival of the industrial era, petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgical sector, chemical industry and urban construction, such as the use of large Valve will increase the demand for valve products.

3With the accession of WTO, the reduction of international trade and the adjustment of product structure in developed countries, China is gradually becoming the largest processing plant in the world, and the processing and production of Valve products is facing greater development space. Therefore, as long as enterprises can seize the opportunity, strengthen R&D capabilities, and continuously improve product science and technology content and product quality, they will be able to occupy a proactive position in the broad market competition.