Papermaking industry


We are proficient in various systems in the field of papermaking. The waterpurification station mainly uses the large diameter butterfly valve and gatevalve. The pulping workshops mainly adopts the pulp valve. Papermaking workshopmainly adopts the pulp valve and globe valve. Alkali recovery workshop mainly usesthe cut-off valve and ball valve. Chemical equipment mainly adopts regulatingvalve and ball valve. Sewage treatment equipment mainly adopts globe valve,butterfly valve and gate valve.

An enterprise name

The project name


Asia paper (Shanghai) co., LTD

Steam system

Gate valve, globe valve

Mengniu group

Milk powder production line

High pressure ball valve

Zhenjiang precision.our paper

Sewage treatment

Butterfly valve, ball valve automatically

Shandong chenming paper group co

Pulp engineering

Knife gate valve, globe valve

Guizhou CHTH group co., LTD

The pulp/gasification system

V-shaped ball valve/eccentric butterfly valve