Electric power industry

EIC control valve isapplied to electric power industry: boiler dynamic system (coal mill, slagsystem), electric power environmental protection, water reuse, flue gasdesulfurization denitration, electrochemical water treatment), and steampipelines, etc. The pneumatic knife gate valve, ceramic ball valve and alloysteel butterfly valve have successful application in the electric powerindustry.

An enterprise name

The project name


Hunan is necessary hydropower station

Power hydraulic system

Large diameter high pressure ball valve

Nanjing jinling power plant

Steam system

Metal sealing ball valve

Shanghai electric group

Ehv transformer project

Automatic regulating butterfly valve, ball valve

Southwest united power (group) co., LTD

Ehv transformer project

Automatic regulating butterfly valve, ball valve

Sichuan power ehv construction management company

Ehv transformer project

Automatic regulating butterfly valve

Guangdong yudean group/huizhou power plant

Power steam pipe

Electric ball valves, globe valves

Guangdong yudean group/zhuhai power plant

Spray system

Electric ball valves

Henan luoyang power plant co., LTD

Cooling device

The electric drift diameter butterfly valve

Huaneng power group/shantou power plant

Ash handling system

Wear-resistant ceramic ball valve

Guodian group/zhenjiang jianbi power plant

Dry desulfurization

Duplex stainless steel butterfly valves

Shandong electric power construction group co., LTD

Nigeria papandreou of natural gas plants

China tianchen engineering corporation

Pakistan anglo-indian Cadillac's power/gas system

Guangdong new will double water power station

Steam pipeline

Electric ball valve butterfly valve