Iron and steel smelting


There are many kinds of valves used in the Iron and steelmetallurgy field . The control valve is used in the steel rolling, industrialfurnace, blast furnace gas and steel mill water treatment and so on .,mainlyare control valve and butterfly valve.  our largest butterfly valve diameter isDN1000, The maximum pressure  eccentricbutterfly valve is PN50.

An enterprise name

The project name


Shanghai baosteel group co., LTD

Gas and water treatment systems

Electric butterfly valve, pneumatic ball valve

Wuhan iron and steel (group) company

Steam system

Automatic control butterfly valve, ball valve

Anshan iron & steel group co., LTD

Steelmaking, gas

Ventilation butterfly valve, regulating valve, ball valve

Shagang group

Water cooling system

Automatic control valves, manual ball valve

Zhangjiagang posco company

Pickling, steelmaking

Plastic butterfly, film dampers

Xinjiang bayi iron and steel

Steelmaking, ironmaking

Ball valve, butterfly valve, cut-off valve

Maanshan iron and steel co., LTD

High pressure water phosphorus removal system

Pneumatic high-pressure ball valve

Baotou iron and steel co., LTD

Pickling system

Pneumatic butterfly valve/PVC ball valve

Valin iron and steel co., LTD

Bar cooling system

Pneumatic butterfly valve

Shanxi JinGang group

Steel engineering

Pneumatic ball valve, ball valve

Jiangsu permanent steel group

Sintering project

Quick opening butterfly valve

Tangshan iron and steel group

Hydraulic power

High pressure ball valve, needle valve