Characteristic products

Pneumatic actuators

Cylinder Body: mechanical die-casting aluminum, the surface and internal oxidation process nano-sized hard

Seal: NBR, FKM, R - PTFE. According to the different temperature to select different seal material.

Specification: the DO/SI32 - DO/SI600

Output torque double action: 40000 nm, single action: 15000 nm

Pressure (Pressure) 4 bar - bar

Connection mode (the Type of connection) : actuator top in accordance with NAMUR NORM

Perform the bottom meet with ISO5211

Electromagnetic valve connection in accordance with NAMUR NORM

Self lubricating structure, constant torque output, no moment corner.

Travel adjustment: 0 ° to 90 ° is adjustable


In accordance with the ailing pneumatic actuator has a powerful technical advantages, 1 million times the working life can tell.

Gouble-eccentric center butterfly valve

High performance double-eccentric center butterfly valve,which has excellent performance,generally used for high pressure, high temperature, drying medium and the industrial areas of frequent opening and closing 

Essential features

Body Material:WCB、304SS、316SS、316L 。

Disc/Stem:304SS、316SS、316L 。


Working temperature:See the heat resistance standard of sealing filler for EIC valve-specialized

Pressure rating: PN16、PN40。

Type of end:German standard flange(LUG or WAFER)。

Type of size:DN50-DN1500。

ISO 5211 Direct Mounting Pad。

Product testing:API598 & AVSIB16.34 & ISO5208。


Accord with API 607 certification of fire。

Both of the double eccentric structure and small friction of the valve plate and seal ring, and also the small torque of the valve opening and closing , are suitable for high-frequency conditions。

By using the unique "lip" structure, butterfly valve seal ring can be bi-directional sealing. The higher pressure of the medium, the better performance of the seal and such a structure makes it easy to achieve zero leakage.

From 0 ° to 90 °, the normal control proportion is 100:1, which is twice as common butterfly valve.

Using the modular system that can meet your requirements of reliability for operation, environmental protection and cost-effectiveness .It is easy to replace the equipment.

Control mode

Lock lever actuator 。

Worm gear actuator 。

Worm gear actuator。

Electrical actuator (switch-type or adjust-type) 。

Application fields

Double -eccentric Center Butterfly Valves,which have excellent performance,widely used for high pressure, high temperature, and the industrial areas of frequent opening and closing.

Power industry(Steam system, electro-chemical water treatment)。

Steel industry(high-temperature steam)。

Air separation and gas produce (Oxygen and Nitrogen)。

Oxygen conditions (Those through special treatment can be used to stop and control the Oxygen working conditions. It has a set of strict procedures during the parts preparation, assembly, testing and packaging to avoid the internal risk caused by the react between oxygen and grease or other impurities.)

Vacuum field, the vacuum degree of double eccentric butterfly valve is 2X10-2. In the vacuum of 1X10-5, its helium leak rate can be less than 1x10-5CC / sec.

High pressure ball valve

High pressure ball valve applies to all kinds of demanding high pressure fields. 

Essential features

Type of material:WCB、316SS .

Ball/Stem:304SS、316SS .


Working temperature:See the heat resistance standard of sealing filler .

Pressure rating:PN315 .

Type of end):Internal thread、weld、clamp .

Type of size:DN6-DN50 .

Product testing:API598 & AVSIB16.34 & ISO5208 .


Accord with API 607 certification of fire.

The double VITON packing of valve stems accord with TuV Ta standards.

Sphere nitriding treatment, friction resistant, longer operating life.

Ball valve seal ring and axial seal are all made at the standard of European nanoscale precision (non-injection mode) with higher precision, and ensure the zero leakage of valve.

Control mode

Lock lever actuator.

Pneumatic(double acting or spring return ).

Electrical actuator (switch-type or adjust-type) .

Notes:These types of ball valves don’t include ISO5211 Direct Mounting Pad. If users need to install valve actuators, please contact our technical departments, we will provide you satisfactory solutions to the problems.

Application fields

Engineering machinery(Excavators, cranes, trucks and trailers, etc).

Industrial equipment supporting(High pressure foaming machine, polyurethane mechanical equipment).

Offshore Oil Engineering(Undersea pipeline transport, offshore oil exploration, offshore drilling, etc).

Gas energy(CNG mother-son station, gas transmission, city gate stations, etc).

Metallurgy of iron and steel(water phosphorus removal system, hydraulic system).

Mining industry (high-pressure mineral separation, PGA system)

Shipbuilding industry

Power engine equipment (natural gas engines, natural gas compressors).

Chemical and petrochemical industries.

Coastal and coastal industrial installations.

Metal coating industry (spray paint for automobile surface.